HEAL Haiti

About Us

About Us

We are group of professionals dedicated to bring health education reform to Haiti.

Presently, on a national level, there is a shortage of health care professionals in Haiti. This shortage has been detrimental to the lives of Haitian residents for many years and post- earthquake health care efforts mirror this concern. Enormous change is needed to rebuild the country but most importantly to strengthen its health care delivery system.

HEAL Haiti intends to positively contribute to the health care delivery system by giving young adults the opportunity to become health care professionals.  With access to education and support, young Haitians can eventually become driving forces in their communities. In the short term:

We plan to establish projects such as building a much needed accredited nursing school for young adults and, in the long run, we hope to impact Haiti nationally, providing free health education courses to young adults.

Please join us in these efforts! Your volunteerism and contributions are greatly needed and appreciated!

Please continue to visit our website for information on all of our developments.

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