Happy Mother’s Day!

A mother is a caring, selfless, loving woman who sacrifices her needs and wants for the well being of her children. She also works hard to make sure that her child is equipped with the skills, knowledge and abilities to be a successful human being. Everything you do is all completely worth it.

This week, HEAL Haiti will deliver a COVID Response – Education and Immediate Needs project empowering 5 young women to fight the spread of Coronavirus in bas-Artibonite, Haiti. The young women will be instrumental in reaching over 20,000 people in Haiti. The women will use community partners, local infrastructure, customs and ingenuity to increase understanding amongst bas-Artibonite residents. This project is made possible by MADRE and the Haitian Women’s Collective.

We would like to thank all the HEAL Haiti Mothers who have made an impact in the lives of their children and in the communities abroad. It has been a difficult time for those with has sick friends and relatives and for those who have lost loved ones.

On behalf of HEAL Haiti, you are the FRONTLINERS!! Each and every day!