The Health Education Action League for Haiti (HEAL Haiti) hosted its 2nd Annual Health Fair/ Klinik Mobil in St. Marc, Haiti on April 26th 2014. The event preceded Fête St. Marc (St. Marc Day) which commemorates 319years since the city was founded. HEAL Haiti provided this free health fair as a gift to the people of St. Marc and neighboring cities.

Prior to the health fair, HEAL Haiti draped banners throughout the community that read, “Avek Edukasyon nap kenbe peyi-a an santé”, which means “With education, we’ll keep our country in [good] health”. As the HEAL Haiti banners flew high over the streets of St. Marc, volunteers and HEAL Haiti members made final preparations for the highly anticipated health fair by sorting medications and assembling gift bags with items provided by donors and non-profit partners. In addition, HEAL Haiti was featured on one of St. Marc’s premier radio stations Radio Tête a Tête to advertise the upcoming fair and provide information on how to register for the event at the office of Fondation Esther Boucicault Stanislas. The morning of the health fair, HEAL Haiti arrived with benches, tents, tables and port-o-potties provided by Jedco services. The set up was organized with various health stations which included a triage area, nurses station, doctors tent, pharmacy, education corner, evaluation station, and a food and gift station.

In total, approximately 505 attendees received care at the health fair; 427 of which had previously registered and over 75 walk-ins. Depending on their medical needs, participants received eyeglasses and 3 months supply of diabetes and/or blood pressure medication. Additionally, everyone who attended received a HEAL Haiti gift bag packed with dental hygiene, cosmetic and numerous other items.

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