We are eager to announce the launch of Project PREP (Preparing, Reaching & Educating Providers) in partnership with Dr. Sandy Cayo and NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing.

Project PREP is an intensive nursing residency program designed to ensure competencies and preparedness to practice among pre-licensure, first-year graduate nurses in rural St. Marc, Haiti.

Haiti has made tremendous progress towards recovery following the devastating earthquake in 2010, but the nation remains in need of further support to help its community rebuild and to become self-sustainable over time. Most recently Hurricane Mathew left over $1.9 billion in damages and an already fragile health care delivery system broken. More than half of the population lacks access to health services and there is a dire need for skilled health workers. Although more than 400 private nursing institutions have been created since the earthquake to rebuild the nursing workforce, standards and regulations to ensure the quality of education and the skills of nursing graduates in Haiti are limited (USAID, 2015). Despite the Ministry of Health’s efforts to enforce that all graduate nurses pass the state exam before being allowed to practice, less than 40% of all graduates attempted licensure in 2016 (Ministère de la Santé, 2015).

This program will utilize student teams and technology solutions to provide a smooth transition from student life into professional life, to strengthen student capacity in the area of practical skill-based care, ethics and professional nursing.

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