Volunteer registration for the 2018 Health Fair is now closed. Thank you for your support and contact us for other way you can get involved!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

When is the health fair?

The health fair is a one day event. However, it takes us three days to make it a successful event.

Day Activities
Day 1

Tuesday, April 17th

Inventory, pharmacy preparation, media outreach
Day 2

Wednesday, April 18th

Pharmacy preparation, survival kits assembly, volunteer training, health fair site walk through
Day 3

Thursday, April 19th

All day registration and health fair site preparation

Volunteer training

Nursing training and seminar

Final meeting with all volunteers (operational and providers)

Day 4

Friday, April 20th

 Health Fair Day!

Debrief and Clean Up


What time is the health fair?

The health fair will start promptly at 7am and should end by 5pm. Patrons usually start forming lines as early as 4am!


Is there a minimum time commitment to volunteer?

Yes. Support volunteers are asked to make a time commitment of at least three days (April 17th – April 20th). You will be asked to take part in registration and preparation activities, including your assigned role on the day of the event. Physicians will be asked to commit to a full day on the day of the fair. All volunteers will be asked to report to the site by 5am on the day of the fair.


Where will the health fair take place?

The health fair will take place in St. Marc, Haiti, the second largest town in the Artibonite region of Haiti nearby beautiful beaches and resorts.


How far is St. Marc from the airport?

St. Marc is approximately 60 miles north of Port-au-Prince or a 1 1/2 hour’s drive from Toussaint Louverture International Airport via Route Nationale # 1 (Haiti Highway 1), which extends all the way up to the coastal towns of Montrouis and Gonaïves, through to Cap-Haïtien.


Do I need prior experience to volunteer?

No. We ask that you attend a mandatory training and orientation the night before the event. You will also receive guidance during the event from one of our volunteer team leaders.


What positions are available for support volunteers?

We have many positions available and need volunteers in all areas: registration, triage and intake, workshops, pharmacy, dining services, transportation, gift packaging, Janitorial services, delivery and stock, traffic control and security, and other services identified during the event.


When will I know my assigned position/duties at the health fair?

Please tell us your desired position and we will advise you of your assigned role in March, based on availability and operational needs.


Are volunteers responsible for travel expenses?

Yes. Volunteers are responsible for airfare, hotel accommodations, dinners (2 nights) and any other incidental personal expenses incurred while in Haiti. Ask family members, friends & co-workers to fund you by sponsoring your trip.


Will HEAL Haiti provide meals?

Yes. HEAL Haiti will provide breakfast and lunch on all three days and one dinner on the eve of the health fair. A $20 fee will be collected daily from volunteers for the kitchen staff.


Will HEAL Haiti provide transportation?

Yes. HEAL Haiti will provide free shuttle service from Toussaint Louverture International Airport to your hotel, to the health fair, and on return to the airport. A $20 fee will be collected at the end of the trip for the driver.


Am I obligated to use transportation provided by HEAL Haiti?

No. You are not obligated to use our transportation. However, we strongly recommend it. It is a free service and we have come to trust our drivers will provide the most secure transportation.


Do I need to obtain travel insurance?

It is strongly recommended. Consult with your insurance broker for the best option for your particular need(s).


Will HEAL Haiti reserve my hotel accommodations in St. Marc?

Yes. HEAL Haiti is in the process of negotiating a group rate at the Royal Decameron. Royal Decameron is an all-inclusive hotel. Once the volunteer count is confirmed, we will make your reservations. In the past, we have stayed at, Le-Gou-T Hotel, a bed and breakfast type accommodation with dining and pool onsite. Some of our activities such as of the pharmacy preparation may take place at Le-Gout-T Hotel.


What is the cost to stay the Royal Decameron?

We are still in the process of negotiating rates, but as it stands, the daily rate per person is $74 per day. Please be assured that we will work our hardest to get the best rates possible for you.


How do I reserve a room at the Royal Decameron?



When is the deadline to book my hotel reservation?

In order to obtain our special discounted rates, you must reserve your room through us as soon as possible. The hotel’s deadline will be announced shortly.


Am I obligated to stay at the same hotel as the rest of the group?

No. You are not obligated to stay at this hotel. We strongly encourage you to do so in order to ensure timely arrival at all activities. If you choose another hotel in the area, you will be responsible for making your own reservation at that property and secure your own transportation to the health fair and other activities.


What is the dress code on the day of the health fair?

Volunteers will be asked to wear t-shirts with the HEAL Haiti logo and wear navy blue pants/scrubs. Cost for both is $15.00.


Will I be required to attend a training session while in Haiti?

Yes. The evening before the health fair all volunteers will be required to attend a mandatory training & orientation session. The agenda will be distributed a few days in advance of the event.


Will I have free time for my own activities while in Haiti?

Yes. We strongly encourage everyone to stay in the group for greatest security. However, you are free to partake in your own activities during any time before April 19th and after April 20th.


Are there any group activities planned?

Yes. An optional group excursion to be determined.


What are some safety precautions that I should take while in Haiti?

Always stay with the group; do not travel alone; always drink bottled water (even for brushing your teeth); bring lots of bug spray and sun screen; and always let someone know your plans if you decide to leave the group.

Contact Info@heal-haiti.org for more information