Aim: To promote public health precautions and procedures in response to COVID-19. 


With support from MADRE and the Haitian Women’s Collective, HEAL Haiti will implement an awareness campaign known in Haiti as a ‘Sensibilizacion’ from Monday May 11 to Thursday May 14. We will use World Health Organization risk communication and community engagement guidelines, information from the Haitian Ministry of Public Health, and the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Interim Guidance on camp-like settings.  HEAL Haiti will disseminate life-saving information to the people of bas-Artibonite, Haiti through social media, tutorials, and sound-trucks (vehicles with loudspeakers).

Project Overview

The COVID Response – Education and Immediate Needs project is an initiative taken on behalf of Haitian Women’s Collective, supported by MADRE and delivered by HEAL Haiti. The purpose of this project is to inform the residents of St. Marc and Montrouis, Haiti on internationally recognized methods of reducing COVID-19 prevalence. This project also promotes public health among residents. This program will make use of our community partners, local infrastructure, and customs as well as ingenuity to increase understanding amongst bas-Artibonite residents.


  • As of, April 13, 2020, there are 40 confirmed cases with an 8% death rate.
  • Many residences receive little reliable information on how to avoid transmission.
  • HEAL Haiti has grown as a trusted source of healthcare intervention and education in the bas-Artibonite region.
  • Public health challenges in Haiti have a direct impact on the health status of the population.
  • Informed residents are better equipped to reduce COVID-19 transmission.


Deliver critical information for preparedness, prevention, and control of COVID-19 through:

  • Sound-trucks to reach rural areas
  • Brochure distribution and tutorials in mass-gathering prone sites
  • Social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram)


Expected Outcomes

At the end of this 4-day awareness campaign:

  • 6 motivational and wise infographics will be produced and disseminated
  • 20,000 Haitians will be exposed to information from HEAL Haiti
  • 5 Sites will receive tutorials and brochures for greater information distribution


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